Client: RealMassive chooses Dreamtown as Creative Agency


We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Austin-based tech startup RealMassive has officially selected Dreamtown Creative as its agency of record for local and national creative marketing.

RealMassive is one of those rare companies that’s equal parts brilliant ideas and amazing people. Founder & CEO Joshua McClure started RealMassive when he recognized the need for a completely open, real-time commercial real estate (CRE) hub. Up to that point, the only online CRE listing services that existed were full of inaccurate, outdated, and missing listings, and worse still, people usually had to pay a small fortune to access them.

RealMassive’s free, accurate search and CRE management hub was so fresh and so desperately needed by the industry that the company was quickly able to raise funding from private investors, many of whom were CRE property owners and professionals themselves. In a matter of months, the company grew from a two-person startup to a team of more than 25 employees.

Notably, RealMassive was also chosen as one of Austin’s “Best Places to Work” for 2014 (because, again, brilliant ideas + amazing people), receiving an average of 14 employment applications every hour. Wow.

In the coming months, RealMassive will expand outside the Austin market to Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and New York, with Dreamtown building out the corporate branding strategy and supporting launch efforts.

Among other duties, Dreamtown will handle the following for RealMassive:

  • Branding strategy and development
  • Video marketing strategy and production
  • Writing of site content and incremental customer communications
  • Strategy, creation, and production of printed marketing materials
  • Strategy, research, and writing of thought leadership articles
  • Graphic design support

Dreamtown will also have the pleasure of working alongside Blast PR, who has been handling public relations.

The official relationship was won after the completion of several successful projects, including the creation of RealMassive’s FAQ knowledge base and the company’s introductory explainer video.

As you know we’re a small shop and we’re very proud to call Josh and his RealMassive team a part of our creative family! We look forward to all that we’ll accomplish in the future!