How We Help

Have you ever encountered a star employee who’s somehow capable of handling any task that comes up? Dreamtown is made up of people like that.

We step in to provide marketing and creative expertise for our B2B tech clients in a few ways:

  • Serve as the “marketing department” for startups and small companies;
  • Provide high-level and granular marketing strategy (from product development to brand messaging to editorial calendars) for businesses seeking outside expertise;
  • Provide full-scale video production for visually driven products and services;
  • Offer tech-focused thought leadership and futurism in the form of writing and content strategy;
  • Offer brainpower, creativity, and elbow grease for successful events, marketing collateral, and lead generation / nurturing campaigns.



  • Competitive positioning and messaging strategies
  • Creative tagline and logo development
  • Tone and personality development

Marketing and Website Strategy

  • Goal-driven, persona-based tactical marketing plans
  • Website usability testing and recommendations
  • Funnel-based site strategy
  • Web copy and basic HTML

Video Strategy and Production

  • Goal-based video campaign strategies
  • A/V scriptwriting
  • Pre-production (casting, locations)
  • Green-screen studio and on-location production (directing)
  • Post-production (editing and graphics)

Content Strategy and Writing

  • Persona-based owned media strategy with editorial calendar
  • Content development for lead generation, nurturing, and loyalty (blog posts, white papers, case studies, and other premium content)
  • Topics and writing for bylined, thought leadership articles
  • Social media and content distribution

Trade Shows and Special Events

  • Theming and creative strategy
  • Lead capture strategy
  • Design and collateral/giveaways
  • Logistics and fulfillment

Creative and Collateral

  • Sales and marketing brochures, one pagers, and other collateral
  • Business cards