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How does your CEO see machine learning reshaping your industry? What’s your VP’s five-year outlook on IoT and data privacy?

Your leadership got where they are because they have strong opinions on the state of your vertical and how technology is shaping the future.

We’ll work with your executives to share their unique ideas through persuasive bylines and blogs, written in their distinct voices. See your big ideas transformed into sizzling prose, informed by our industry knowledge and years of ghostwriting experience.

Client Case Studies

Civitas Learning

Since the early days with Dreamtown, Civitas has grown into a well-established name in the edtech field, and we are proud to have played a role in helping the company clarify and present their brand narrative in a way that resonated with their audience.

GreenRoad Technologies

Working with Dreamtown, GreenRoad was able to redefine its brand for the new era of digitally driven transportation safety. The company reached new audiences in the United States and abroad, strengthened relationships with investors, upsold existing customers on its newly refreshed product line, improved customer service and support with better self-serve help content, and was able to re-stake its claim as an industry leader.


Dreamtown first began working with StoryFit to create long-form content that explained their philosophy and provided data-centric examples of what the software could do. As the company added more products and services, they called on Dreamtown to redesign and rewrite their website to better meet the needs of their publisher and studio clients.

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NYIAX Ad Marketplace

NYIAX came to Dreamtown for fundraising pitch deck design, product imagery, pitch deck copywriting, and explainer video production. These content and branding items helped NYIAX raise $15,000,000 in four years.

Simplikube Cloud

SimpliKube hired Dreamtown to focus on industry research, persona targeting, brand development, software beta-testing, website design, go-to-market strategies, product imagery, and fundraising pitch decks.

SimpliKube Inc.

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